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Software Engineer


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EM Summary

My passion for programming ignited in my first Emerging Media class–New Media Production. Since then, I've been using HTML, CSS and JavaScript throughout my EM journey to build awesome web applications! In addition to my EM classes, I also completed a handful of core Computer Science courses. These classes include: Introduction to Computing and Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Theory of Computing, Software Development, and Systems Programming.

Throughout the EM program, I have honed in on my web development and design skillset. Learning more about UX design and the best practices for web development have also allowed me to grow professionally. During my time in the EM program I was the student web developer intern for the University of Georgia's department of Student Affairs and an NMIXpert at the New Media Institute. As my passion for programming and Computer Science grows, I hope to become a software development engineer and eventually receive a master's in Computer Science.